Real-time Page Mapping

Browsi’s process for optimizing viewability begins by identifying and creating testable nodes in the composition of an article. Real-time tests consider these points among article layout and composition (length, content, ads), and then determine whether inventory beyond current ad placements can be implemented while maintaining and potentially improving upon benchmarked engagement KPI. Within pages that display the criteria for additional potential inventory that meet high viewability standards, the ideal position is dynamically selected as the optimal location for viewability, and filled by any specified demand source. At all times, Browsi partners retain the flexibility to make changes automatically or manually with the assistance of a Browsi Success Manager.

The Inventory Server

Created, Tested and Optimized for Viewability:

Browsi constantly works towards optimal viewability to maintain balance between UX and revenue potential. By tracking KPI in conjunction with the unique composition of every page and considering any strict partner guidelines, Browsi creates and tests for the most viewable and user-agreeable position beyond current ads. Assessing the length of the article and considering whether shorter or lower engaged articles need extra supply before the bounce, or whether longer articles require a more tempered approach and only one vs multiple additional supply positions is determined in real-time – with the flexibility to make changes automatically or manually with a Success Manager.

Automated Yield Builder:

While Browsi encourages bringing in Publisher demand, Browsi is connected to the best ad exchanges in the industry. This creates an option to choose from a variety of demand sources; should a partner opt to work with Browsi demand, the Automated Yield Builder will optimize each ad impression sent through it and find the highest paying ad while keeping brand safety in mind for both the publisher and the advertiser.

Proprietary engagement monitoring tool:

In tandem with generating the highest yield for our publishers, Browsi also makes superhuman efforts to ensure our publishers always retain a positive site experience for their users. Our engagement engine collects and analyzes real-time engagement data, such as scroll distance, time on site, bounce rate and more, to accurately predict if an additional placement should be created and added to the page.


Data is helpful; visualizing organized data is key. Browsi’s dashboard is the first step in understanding the tangible opportunity that Browsi provides. Looking at engagement KPI at the page level, understanding the % of pages  Browsi can enhance, supporting numbers for sales teams to extend relationships with brand partners and a host of other current and upcoming talking points that guide mobile strategy can be found in a straight-forward interface.

Ongoing Yield Optimization

Browsi understands the mobile web audience. As such, we believe that deploying unique ad formats, tailored specifically for mobile browsing, are key to keeping users engaged and advertisers happy. Our ad format lab geeks are constantly creating new, 100% viewable, gesture based ad formats to run on our engine, helping our publishers maintain the delicate balance between generating revenues and maintaining a positive user experience.