Viewability PredictorOn-demand viewability

Viewability Predictor

Go deeper than historic ad placement data; harness real-time viewability prediction at the ad-call to sell better, increase yield and reduce ad waste.

How it works?

  • Proprietary Deep Learning

    Browsi’s algorithm collects data on pages, users (non - personally identifiable), ads and much more to predict the probability for a single ad request to be viewable. For some articles, metrics about the content affect viewability the most, and for others, user behavior - and at times there is a more equally weighted impact. Browsi detects each attribute and its impact on viewability - and uses it to properly predict.

    Proprietary Deep Learning
  • Stop impression waste on Direct Campaigns

    Serve only viewable impressions to campaigns that require only viewable impressions, and make viewability work for your organization.

    Stop impression waste on Direct Campaigns
  • Leverage viewability for Programmatic

    Increasing viewability by 10% can increase bids by 30% and more. Browsi enables media outlets divert viewable impressions to the programmatic markets and increase yield instantly.

    Leverage viewability for Programmatic
  • Control the viewability threshold

    With Browsi predictor you can decide your precise viewability threshold and exclusively create ad placements that meet your requirements.

    Control the viewability threshold
  • Simple, rapid integration

    Either used with our Viewability Server, or on current untouched ad layout, integrating is simple and requires a creation of a new set of key-values in your ad server and their connection with the appropriate line items.

    Simple, rapid integration