Publishers using the engine can automatically create new and efficient incremental revenue streams from their mobile web pages.

Tel Aviv, Israel – October 2016 – Browsi announces today that it is officially releasing its automatic mobile web monetization engine, offering publishers an autonomous, seamless platform to discover untapped, incremental revenue opportunities in their mobile web pages, without involving internal resources or compromising user engagement.

Easily implemented, Browsi engine  scans multiple page elements in real time to detect the under monetized articles. Once such an opportunity is detected, additional placements are created and yield optimized ads are served, generating new, additional revenue. Working with Browsi, publishers improve their overall pages’ RPMs by 20%-50% every month.

The average mobile web user session is a couple of pageviews long, with a lifespan of any particular article being between 1-3 days at the most. As a result, optimizing every article’s yield before interest declines becomes complicated, requiring the attention of many stakeholders, vast automation, and a complete sync between departments.

Browsi’s proprietary Revenue brain, is connected to the top programmatic demand partners such as DoubleClick AdX, OpenX, SOVRN, AppNexus, Pulsepoint, Smatto, and more.

In the past 9 months Browsi has started working with several publishers such as Vice, Reader’s Digest, Minute Media (90min), American Media Inc, Terra, AXS, Christian Post, and more, making sure the offering is wrinkle-free and is indeed bringing the expected value to publishers.

For example, the joint work with Terra, where the engagement started on 100K pages and expanded to the full website after demonstrating 15% increase in RPMs.

Another example is Minute Media, who runs and operates, the world’s leading football news platform, demonstrating a significant uplift in its RPM within 30 days.

“Publishers today are dealing with heavy dependencies and constraints around great content, traffic and monetization, on a daily basis”, says Lior Fisher, Browsi’s VP of product and co-founder. “The result is a mundane, time consuming and resource heavy operation to ensure that all is running smoothly. This complex day to day, where so many pieces are in the air at any given time, presents a strong case for automation and this is where Browsi comes into play. We wanted to use the power of programmatic technology to provide a simple and easy to implement monetization automation solution, so publishers can deal with the more strategic endeavors that will take them to the next level”.

“Publishers need to maintain a delicate balance between keeping their users happy and making money, while keeping their advertisers satisfied“, says Nathaniel Zenou, Browsi’s CEO and co-founder. “We view the publishers we work with as our partners. We share the risks and the additional revenues so their success is our success. That’s why we were also very careful and made sure not to compromise anything in the process, such as existing revenues or user experience (affected by page latency and number of ads per page, for example)”.

Browsi is backed by major investors, led by Pitango VC (Taboola, Via and more) and Avantis.