Integration via WordPress

Log-in to your Admin WordPress account.

1 - login

Navigate to the “Plugins” tab and hit the “Add New” option.

2 - add new plugin

Search for the “TC Custom Javascript” Plugin and install it.

3 - find plugin 4 - install plugin

When the installation finishes hit the “Activate Plugin button”.

5 - activate plugin

Navigate to the “Appearance” tab and hit the “Custom Javascript” option.

6 - go to plugin 7 -plugin page

Add the your Browsi JS tag to the JS text field on this screen and hit “Update”.

8 - update

Enjoy Browsi’s smart monetization engine on your WordPress site!

Important Notes:

  1. Notice that Browsi monetize only Mobile web traffic, all other traffic source will not be affected. All the requests from desktop traffic will be responded with an empty response from Browsi’s servers.
  2. Do not add any additional comments or characters above, below or in the snippet.
  3. Bear in mind that when you upgrade your site version to include browsi snippet once again!
  4. Please notice: The response from our servers will always be “Redirect 301 Moved permanently“ – this enables Browsi to better analyze and optimize your traffic.