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In-view ad refresh

How does it work?

  1. Browsi’s solution tracks the viewability of each and every ad impression on the page – not just a sample number of impressions .
  2. Doing so allows Browsi to track the in-view time of each impression as well as the current in-view percentage of those impressions.
  3. We can, by publisher request, measure a set amount of seconds after the ad was in the user’s viewport (50% and above) and then generate a new call to DFP in order to try to “refresh” that impression. Basically it means that the same demand flow will occur again for the same spot on the page.
  4. Browsi will only embed ads on the page if there is an actual impression coming back from DFP. We will not try to refresh any ad placements on the page that did not get any impressions to begin with.
  5. Browsi can currently refresh ads only in the form of an ad call to DFP (other ad servers are not supported yet).
  6. The “time to refresh” threshold will be triggered only if the ad was occupying over 50% of the user’s viewport.
  7. The initial impression on the page will not be removed until DFP returns a response with the new refreshed impression (in order to maintain a good user experience and not leave a blank space).
  8. If there is no ad returned from the refresh request to DFP, Browsi will keep the same, initial ad in the original placement.