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Dynamic max items

What is Dynamic Max Items?

    • Dynamic max items – Changing the number of items Browsi’s engine will embed on a certain page depending on the page length as well as all other parameters (page layout, user engagement experience).

How Does it work?

      • Browsi’s engine is always looking for the best location on the page, the engine has a pre-defined set of parameters & configuration that allows the engine to find those location.

      • After the engine will analyze the page structure it will locate the best location all across the page, and choose to embed new placements in accordance to the maximum amount of items allowed.
      • Since the engine is set to analyze the entire page it might find that a certain page (due to it’s length) can contain additional items (on top of the maximum items cap) that will get high viewability rates without damaging the user engagement or the page layout.
      • If this feature set to work the engine will work the same when it comes to analyzing the page and the user behavior, but when it will start to embed placements, it will add to the max items cap per the length of the page.


What’s the difference between Browsi logic and Injection logic?

Injection logic means that a new impression will always be added to the page as long as it matches certain page layout criteria (After every 5th paragraph for example).

Now although there may physically be space on the page for Browsi’s Dynamic Max Items to add an additional placement, it will not always ad this impression by default.

Rather, it will first check the potential viewability of this impression, factoring in the likely user engagement outcome when adding this placement in conjunction with the preexisting page layout and ad/image density.