Inventory Xtension™:Maximize your ad supply, one page at a time

Inventory Xtension™

Create instant incremental revenue by automatically detecting additional, user-driven and viewable ad inventory in your content

Why leading publishers love Inventory Xtension™?

  • Incremental

    Incremental revenue, the right way

    Dynamically and easily create additional impression scale on demand. Stop losing revenue per each article due to low resources and time.

  • Never

    Never under deliver

    Not meeting campaign targets? Want to over deliver in Q4? Inventory Xtension discovers additional potential impressions instantly and hands free.

  • Approved

    Approved by users

    Inventory Xtension tracks, per page, the impact of each additional ad on user experience, making sure that increasing scale doesn’t come on the expense of site engagement

  • Keep

    Keep focusing on what matters

    Optimizing for maximum yield of your supply opportunities per article is costly, time consuming and not necessarily with positive ROI - let your team focus on what works great and use Inventory Xtension for the rest

What's under the hood?

  • Discover

    Discover additional placements, don’t change a thing

    Inventory Xtension™ automatically scans each page's content and ad layout for new, potential additional placements. If page structure allows it, an additional viewable ad placement is created on the fly, serving the publisher’s demand for higher revenue

  • Bridge

    Bridge user engagement & ad experience

    Browsi user engagement engine collects and analyzes real-time page-level behavioral data such as hot zones, scroll distance, time on site, bounce rate and more, to not only benchmark the impact of the newly added ad impression, but also to fine tune it for a positive user experience.

  • Get

    Get visibility into your additional inventory

    Get full visibility into the number of incremental monetization opportunities you're missing on a daily basis. Gain transparency into Browsi's engine, the number of new placements found, additional Impressions served and overall performance.

  • Plug

    Plug in your campaigns or ours

    Designed to help publishers rapidly increase yield on every mobile article, Inventory Xtension™ enables publishers to extend current impression base and plug in any type of demand to the newly discovered placements. Want extra revenue? Backfill with Browsi trusted demand partners for higher fill rates and CPMs.