Ad layout wireframes are just nice on paper

Inventory Suite

Why serve the same ad layout and expect better results? Increase your bottom line by applying AI to personalize ad layout per user and page for viewability, scale and UX.

Why AI?

  • Always-on

    Always-on high viewability

    All inventory must be optimized for viewability, always. With myriad attributes recalculated on each page load, viewability optimization can only be done in real time. Browsi’s AI upgrades 100% of a publisher’s ad layout to an agile setup that boosts viewability and enables a premium inventory offering to advertisers in real time.

  • Don't

    Don't lose scale

    Providing viewable inventory should not compromise impression scale. Browsi leverages over 100+ data points to respect both simultaneously.

  • Keep

    Keep your UX intact

    Data-driven inventory does not mean giving up control. Publishers benefit from traffic benchmarking and behavioural metrics, data-driven ad placement and reduced latency via Browsi’s default UX rules that can be customized on the fly.

  • Increase

    Increase revenue, and save money, time & energy

    High viewability increases programmatic CPMs and reduce ad waste. Publishers in 2020 are focused on achieving these goals will create teams to test layouts, build internal technologies and redesign sites. Kind of slow and costly, no?

What's under the hood?

  • Powerful,

    Powerful, robust AI

    Viewability, scale and UX is impacted by an ever-changing combination of page, user and ad stack attributes - rendering manual optimization a fruitless endeavour. Browsi AI collects and processes a host of data points to make real-time, smart decisions that instantly match the most viewable, scalable and user-friendly ad layout for each user and page.

  • Granular

    Granular transparency

    Article lifespan lasts ~ 24-48 hours, with each story generating unique levels of interest, traffic sources and user profiles. Browsi quickly learns article-level engagement, adapts and then achieves the best ad layout performance for the page. Key data points are displayed in a clean environment for deeper understanding.

  • Full

    Full editorial control & flexibility

    Publishers invest a great deal of time and energy into defining ad layout that balances content and monetization. Browsi is designed to maintain that delicate balance, with the added ability to enhance it through distinct UX rules that can work with any editorial / product requirement.

  • Keep

    Keep your current ad stack as is.

    Browsi supports any demand setup while creating ad layout and calls to your ads. Browsi also offers its proprietary connections to all demand sources for an additional effect of reducing latency and more flexible controls.