Static Ads Prediction – Integration Manual

Browsi integration for ad prediction is simple, quick and requires minimum dev time and no changes to your ad layout mechanism.


  1. Browsi will provide a single JS tag that the publisher needs to be embed in the <head> HTML tag, early as possible on the page (before the gpt.js or Header Bidding integration). 
  2. Create a key named “browsiViewability” in the ad server – and associate the right viewability prediction values (0.10, 0.20, 0.30…1.00, NA). 
  3. That’s it. Browsi will do all the heavy lifting – detecting the ad units on the page, and attaching the key values – all done by the Browsi engine. 

Note – you can tell Browsi exactly what ad units you want us to target or which ads should we ignore and not add any predictions to.


*In some cases, it will be required from the publisher to add an additional code to the header, on those cases the Browsi team will send over all the details and custom tag.