Google Tag Manager Integration

Embed the snippet via google tag manager on every page you wish Browsi to run:

Important Notes:

  1. The snippet should be placed on the mobile web version of your website. In case you can’t differentiate between your desktop vs mobile version, please consult with your dedicated account manager.
  2. Browsi’s engine will automatically run on each page and will find the best available placements regardless to the location of the script itself.
  3. Do not add any additional comments or characters above, below or in the snippet.
  4. The snippet needs to be implemented inside a <script> tag.
  5. Bear in mind that when you upgrade your site version to include snippet once again!
  6. Please notice: The response from our servers will always be “Redirect 301 Moved permanently“ – this enables to better analyze and optimize your traffic.


1. Log in to your Google tag Manager platform

2. Pick the “New Tag” option:

3. CLick the “Tag Configuration” and choose the “Custom HTML Tag” option

4. Paste your Browsi script in this editor and make sure the “Support document.write” option is checked.

5. On the “Triggering” section, choose “All Pages”

6. Don’t forget to publish the tag!

7.  Enjoy Browsi!