Connecting Native (fluid) ads to Browsi engine


Native ads (fluid size) have been available for buying and selling on ADX (Google ad exchange) for some time now. These units tend to get high coverage and eCPM, and can increase overall site yield.


Browsi can serve Native ads (fluid size) as part of our dynamic engine which accommodates multiple sizes.


How it works

  1. When the Browsi engine detects a placement on the page, it maps all the sizes that are applicable for this placement- including fluid.

  2. The engine executes a request to DFP with all sizes (e.g – 300×250, 320×50, fluid).

  3. Assuming the publisher has added the “Native” size to the ADX line item and has set up a template (see description below), this size will compete against other sizes on ADX.

  4. The Browsi engine will parse the response and embed the respective size returned from DFP to the page.


To set up Native (fluid), reference these guide by Google:


Once you have set up everything on Google Ad manager & ADX, inform your Browsi representative and we will enable Native with our engine.