Appnexus Integration

Adding Browsi to the page can be done via a 1×1 pixel and served in each page like a placement. The process is very similar to adding a new MPU to the page, and is as follow:

  1. Create an Advertiser:
    1. Create a new advertiser in your Appnexus platform (Important: make sure it is active).
  2. Create a Campaign:
    1. Create a new campaign under the newly created advertiser above.
    2. The campaign should be of type “Buy direct/third-party inventory”.
    3. Under “Buying Strategies” check the “Buy Direct Inventory” with campaign priority of 10 (highest).
  3. Add a creative:
    1. Navigate to the creative manager tab (Creative manager tab can be found under the newly created advertiser).
    2. Choose the “Create a new creative” option, and select the subtype – “Banner”.
    3. Select the “Standard” template, with HTML format.
    4. Copy and paste the Browsi tag into the HTML text box.
    5. Name the creative, and select the “1×1” size.
    6. Under “Line item association” pick the campaign you have created earlier.
  4. Create a placement:
    1. Pick the relevant publisher from your network and go to that publisher’s “placements” section.
    2. Create a new placement under any placement group (you can create a new placement group too if required).
      1. Placement size should be 1×1.
      2. Include under “Campaign Filtering” only the newly created campaign.
      3. The placement should be set to “This placement is not self-audited”
  5. Export the created placement final tag and add it to your website’s pages