AdForm Demand Integration

  1. Browsi will call  your ad server in order to fill Brows’si placements with your demand. The onboarding involves creating new ad units (placements) on your side without the need to generate the tags at the end. Browsi just needs the following information to start running your demand:
    1. The adform placement ID – This is the identifying number of the placement you created for Browsi to call
  2. Create new a placement in the ad form console, give it any name that you like, we recommend using the Browsi, so you will be able to differentiate it in your reports.
  3. Target the ad units you created on step 1, with the demand you would like being run on Browsi placements
  4. Send the placement ID of the new placement you just created to your Browsi representative.
  5. You are ready to go live!

Eventually those ad units are the same as the ones you would create for your own use, you can choose their name, configurations and of course whatever demand partners you would to run on your new inventory.