Browsi enables GridironNow to meet brand viewability requirements and increased scale

The Challenge

Deliver on viewability requirements from leading brands and maximize ad yield per page without taxing the user.

The Solution

Browsi’s Inventory Extension (IX) was deployed site-wide to discover, create, test and optimize new ad placements for viewability and scale in real time.

The Result

71% average viewability, Found new ad inventory on 83% of all traffic.

The Challenge is the premier destination for SEC and American college football news, analysis and culture. Based in Jacksonville, FL, GridironNow is built around the best, most experienced staff of SEC football writers in the business — Tony Barnhart, Jimmy Hyams, Frank Frangie — and many others. Their content comes from a group that has combined for hundreds of years of coverage of the most dominant conference in college football.

To create new, mobile web ad inventory that would deliver on high viewability requirements (+70%) from leading Brand advertisers and, at the same time, maximize ad yield on every page. The solution would need to be flexible enough to conform with regular editorial changes in content and page layout and provide meaningful scale in a way that would not tax or negatively affect the user experience.

The Solution

After an easy implementation via DFP, Browsi deployed its Inventory Extension (IX) strategy site-wide, pushing from staging to production in under an hour.

Once live, Browsi quickly began scanning every article’s unique page makeup, taking into account variations in page length, text structure and image density; working alongside pre-existing monetization solutions to discover, create, test and optimize new ad placements for viewability and scale – all in real time.

Browsi also partitioned a small percentage of all traffic it was running on and did not open any additional ad placements on those pages. This control group was then used to benchmark Browsi’s performance and ensure the new ad units and placements resonated well with site visitors.

The Results

Browsi created value by finding new supply inventory on 83% of all mobile web traffic, increasing GridIron Now’s monthly mobile impression count by 32%, without negatively affecting user engagement – all with an average viewability of 71% and a high so far of 81%.

We’re getting excellent viewability with Browsi’s smart ad units and it’s been this way from the get-go. Their plug-and-play solution is helping us drive more value for our advertisers and increasing our bottom line without any negative feedback from our loyal fan base.

Ben Balke, CEO