Real-time page mapping

Browsi’s engine scans multiple page elements in real-time as every page loads. Elements such as page length, number of paragraphs, images, videos, preexisting monetization mechanisms and how they are displayed serve as the main building blocks of the page and are a main component in the decision making process of opening additional placements.

The Revenue Brain

Ad supply Testing Engine:

Browsi will then dynamically create multiple additional revenue configurations per page. Each page configuration is comprised of new ad/s, locations, formats and sizes. The waterfall for each configuration is then programmatically tested and optimized to maximize yield, with the engine giving a final score to each configuration having factored in both UX and RPM benchmarks. The configuration associated with the highest score will be selected, the additional placement will be created and served, generating additional revenue while maintaining a positive user experience.

Automated Yield Builder:

The automated yield builder is the heart the Browsi engine. Browsi is connected to the best ad exchanges in the industry, optimizing each ad impression sent through it and finding the highest paying ad while keeping brand safety in mind for both the publisher and the advertiser.

Yield Tools:

We at Browsi work with top programmatic display demand partners and publishers to maintain brand safety to both supply and demand partners alike. We work side-by-side with our publishers to ensure their demand requests are met, either by allowing categories lists or advertisers lists.
By combining creative monitoring with predetermined revenue goals, our publishers are always in control.

Proprietary engagement monitoring tool:

In tandem with generating the highest yield for our publishers, Browsi also makes superhuman efforts to ensure our publishers always retain a positive site experience for their users. Our engagement engine collects and analyzes real-time engagement data, such as scroll distance, time on site, bounce rate and more, to accurately predict if an additional placement should be created and added to the page.

Monetization Experience

Browsi understands the mobile web audience. As such, we believe that deploying unique ad formats, tailored specifically for mobile browsing, are key to keeping users engaged and advertisers happy. Our ad format lab geeks are constantly creating new, 100% view-able, gesture based ad formats to run on our engine, helping our publishers maintain the delicate balance between generating revenues and maintaining a positive user experience.