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What is Browsi?

The Browsi automatic mobile page yield engine allows publishers to uncover untapped monetization opportunities in their mobile web articles, instantly generating additional, new revenue without compromising user experience or disrupting the current monetization operation.

How does Browsi work?

Once integrated to your mobile pages, Browsi’s engine begins scanning and detecting all page assets as they load – image density, text size and length, location and frequency of existing ad units, videos and more. With that deep understanding of the page structure in hand, Browsi gets to work. It initially keeps your exact ad setup intact, allocating only a small percentage of the traffic to the Browsi engine for learning and benchmarking. Once completed, Browsi factors in what it learned, and dynamically creates a unique number of ad placements per pageview, filling these placements with a growing set of mobile friendly ad units to create a first revenue benchmark.

Who should use Browsi?

Publishers who wish to automatically maximize every mobile page’s revenue and increase RPM without compromising user experience or page latency.

How do I start working with Browsi?

Contact us! Our Success Managers will work with you to define expectations, configure the engine with your sites specifications and create your account. Once the account setup has been complete, you’re ready to go – no  need to make any changes to your pages.

Is Browsi an ad network?

Browsi is NOT an ad network. As a technology solution, we’re here to help you identify new additional inline placements and are not seeking to buy into your pre existing ad inventory.

Using Browsi

Can Browsi work on my desktop site or mobile app too?

Although Browsi was designed to solve the major monetization problems for mobile web pages, We recently launched our desktop engine in Beta mode. Please contact us for more information. 

I think I have enough ads on a specific article, what can Browsi do then?

Browsi is a dynamic solution and will never force itself into your pages unnecessarily. If the page is already ad-heavy, or if the content is too brief and the engine deems it to be too risky to the user experience, it will not create additional placements and simply continue to track user session engagement metrics.

Can Browsi support mobile sites with infinite scrolling?

Yes we can!

Can I use Browsi to optimize my own ad placements?

Not at the moment, though this is a feature we are exploring. Right now we’re focusing on building the best autonomous engine possible and making sure it works seamlessly with your current revenue operation. Stay tuned to your Success Manager for updates on new product features.

Will Browsi slow down my page load?

Nothing kills user engagement faster than a slow loading page. As such, we understand that a fast page load in tandem with light coding is essential to keeping user engagement at peak performance. Click here to learn how we keep our JS code light for this specific purpose.

Does Browsi offer a reporting system?


What kind of support do you provide?

Every publisher is assigned a dedicated Success Manager who is availble 24/7 via email and phone to provide the highest level of SLA.

I’m redesigning my site, do i need to remove Browsi?

No at all.

We’ve developed our engine to detect all types of page layouts. It dynamically analyzes every page as it loads so any changes that you make to your mobile site will be acknowledged and factored in.

Browsi & your current operation

We don’t want to add more ads in the page, can you help?

Many publishers employ a one-size-fits all mentality towards monetization, optimizing only on a per category level and may be missing out on potential revenue within their longer article pages. We understand that adding extra placements can impact latency, give the site a crowded look and drive away users. This is why it needs to be done tactfully and on a per page/article basis and the technology to do that is Browsi. 

Will Browsi compromise my direct or programmatic sales?

If you use Browsi to serve your own demand in Browsi’s new placements your Sales and programmatic teams will actually thank you for the new inventory.

In case you’d like to use Browsi’s demand, it will not compromise your current monetization efforts, and you can and should continue with your pre existing ad ops and sales efforts. Your inventory will stay the same as we’re not buying into it rather creating new, additional inventory. Browsi can also work with your requested floor CPM’s, allowing you to continue selling directly and programmatically without cannibalizing your CPM.

Can I run my direct campaigns in Browsi?

Yes, feel free to reach out to your Success Manager for more information.

Where does Browsi demand comes from?

Browsi’s optimizes its yield from top exchanges like Google AdX, OpenX, Appnexus, Sovrn, Pulsepoint, Smaato and more.

Does Browsi use any unique ad units?

Yes we do!

We believe that mobile web monetization should have it’s own unique mobile web ad units. Feel free to check out our in-house format lab for more info. The units are “Opt-In” only, just ask your Success Manager today to add them to the engine.

Will Browsi be cannibalizing my current revenue?

Not at all!

Browsi is designed to work in alongside your current revenue setup, and on average, will increase your overall RPM by 15-30% right out of the gate.

Integration & Setup & payment

How do I integrate Browsi?


Browsi’s JS can be implemented directly to the page HTML (“hardcoding”) or through you ad server. Click here to see which serving method is right for your site.

Your Success Manager will work closely with you on setting up your account and walk you through the integration process.

Why do we require a JS?

Browsi’s engine is composed of two integral parts that require it to be loaded onto every page. The first is the supply creation engine that detects all page assets and unveils new inventory opportunities. The second is our engagement monitoring engine so we can track any and all variations to user engagement behavior and ensure we’re not hurting the user experience.

Can I run Browsi in my DFP or other ad server?

Yes you can!

We can also support other methods of implementation, please visit our resources section.

Can I use other monetization methods along with Browsi?

Yes, Browsi was designed to operate alongside any type of monetization you’d like to test and run.

Will I be able to configure Browsi?

Yes. Your success manager will kickoff with you regarding your revenue and usability objectives, and is available during the entire process.

How do I get paid by Browsi?

Net 30, Wire, or Paypal