Inventory ServerDynamic ad placements, finally

Apply AI and real-time article data to manage your ad placements dynamically for better ad viewability, increased ad inventory, higher revenue & satisfied users.

Inventory Server

Why do leading publishers love Inventory Server?

  • Higher

    Higher viewability

    Don't optimize, react automatically. Browsi tracks content engagement to adapt ad layout in real-time at the page level, meeting any viewability KPI or target.

  • Smarter

    Smarter inventory

    Ad placements shouldn’t be static or forcibly injected without considering user engagement. Each article has its own lifespan, traffic sources and engagement pattern; as a result, ad inventory must be dynamically created in real-time.

  • Better

    Better UX

    Browsi automatically tracks and benchmarks user engagement metrics to ensure ad layout always generates a positive experience.

  • Less

    Less money, time and energy

    Your already busy team creates testing plans, builds internal technologies and redesigns your site to meet revenue, scale and viewability KPIs. Kind of slow and costly, no?

What's under the hood?

  • Content

    Content mapping in real-time

    Pages are not one-size-fits-all. Browsi detects and maps all page/article assets, including text composition, images, videos, widgets and monetization. Understanding unique page layout is the launchpad for discovering, creating and adapting ad placements for viewability, scale and positive user experience.

  • Page-level

    Page-level granularity

    Each article generates its own level of interest, traffic sources and user profiles within a limited shelf life. Browsi quickly learns article level engagement with each piece of content to adapt and achieve the best ad layout performance.

  • Run

    Run any inventory strategy

    Browsi enables publishers to run multiple supply strategies concurrently. This empowers Product and Revenue teams to deploy varied ad inventory experiences for different users based on a variety of metrics: traffic source, geo location, device, and so much more.

  • BYOD

    BYOD (Bring Your Own Demand)

    Our Inventory server complements your Ad server, supporting any type of ad stack. Just plug in your ad server ad units and you're good to go. Browsi also offers Body Bidding, running auctions in the page's , instead of the . This approach not only enables faster page loading, but also provides higher flexibility and scale for demand setup.