Using Browsi

  • Can Browsi work on my desktop site or mobile app too?

    Although Browsi was designed to solve the major monetization problems for mobile web pages, We recently launched our desktop engine in Beta mode. Please contact us for more information.
  • I think I have enough ads on a specific article, what can Browsi do then?

    Browsi is a Google compliant, dynamic solution that will never force itself onto optimized pages. If the page is ad-heavy, or if the content is too brief to discover new supply, Browsi will not create additional placements and will simply continue to track user session engagement metrics.
  • Can Browsi support mobile sites with infinite scrolling?

    Yes we can!
  • Can I use Browsi to optimize my own ad placements?

    Not at the moment, though this is a feature we are exploring. Right now we’re focusing on building the best autonomous engine possible and making sure it works seamlessly with your current revenue operation. Stay tuned to your Success Manager for updates on new product features.
  • Will Browsi slow down my page load?

    Nothing kills user engagement faster than a slow loading page. As such, we understand that a fast page load in tandem with light coding is essential to keeping user engagement at peak performance. Click here to learn how we keep our JS code light for this specific purpose.
  • Does Browsi offer a reporting system?

  • What kind of support do you provide?

    Every publisher is assigned a dedicated Success Manager who is availble 24/7 via email and phone to provide the highest level of SLA.
  • I’m redesigning my site, do i need to remove Browsi?

    No at all. We’ve developed our engine to detect all types of page layouts. It dynamically analyzes every page as it loads so any changes that you make to your mobile site will be acknowledged and factored in.