Integration, setup & payment

  • How does pricing work if demand comes from the Publisher?

    In this setup we work out a nominal CPM serving fee based on monthly impressions which kicks in only when we find new supply and there is an ad to fill. No supply, no ad, no fee. The more traffic we see, the lower the fee.  
  • How do I integrate Browsi?

    Browsi’s JS can be implemented directly to the page HTML (“hardcoding”) or through a Tag manager or Ad server. Click here to see which serving method is right for your site. Your Success Manager will work closely with you on setting up your account and walk you through the integration process.
  • Why do we require a JS?

    Browsi’s engine is composed of two integral parts that require it to be loaded onto every page:
    • The first is the supply creation engine that detects all page assets and unveils new inventory opportunities.
    • The second is our engagement monitoring engine so we can track any and all variations to user engagement behavior and ensure we’re not hurting the user experience.
  • Can I run Browsi in my DFP or other ad server?

    Yes you can! We can also support other methods of implementation, please visit our Integrations section.
  • Can I use other monetization methods along with Browsi?

    Yes, Browsi was designed to operate alongside any type of monetization you’d like to test and run.
  • Will I be able to configure Browsi?

    Yes. Your success manager will kickoff with you regarding your revenue and usability objectives, and is available during the entire process.