Browsi & your current operation

  • Will Browsi compromise my direct or programmatic sales?

    If you use Browsi to serve your own demand in Browsi’s new placements, your Sales and programmatic teams will actually thank you for the new inventory. If you choose to plug in Browsi’s demand, it will not compromise current monetization efforts, and you can and should continue with your pre-existing ad ops and sales efforts. Your inventory will stay the same as we’re not buying into it, rather we’re creating new, additional inventory. Browsi can also work with your requested floor CPMs, allowing you to continue selling directly and programmatically without cannibalizing your CPM.
  • We don’t want to add more ads in the page, can you help?

    In mobile web ad layout, the question is not how many ads you have per page, but how many VIEWABLE ones. In pages with low engagement, it’s actually welcomed to add an additional unit dynamically and at least get one extra viewable ad, than keeping the ones in the bottom. In highly engaged articles, when users see most of the ads, it also makes sense to test an additional unit and enjoy the potential high viewability it can generate. We understand that adding extra placements can impact latency, give the site a crowded look and drive away users. This is why it needs to be done tactfully and on a per page/article basis – and the technology to achieve this balance with efficiency is Browsi.
  • Can I run my direct campaigns in Browsi?

    Absolutely, this is what Browsi is built for. Feel free to reach out to your Success Manager for more information.
  • Where does Browsi demand comes from?

    Browsi’s optimizes its yield from top exchanges like Google AdX, OpenX, AOL, Appnexus, Sovrn, Pulsepoint, Smaato and more.